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Need help with podcast/dialogue audio or noise removed from a recording?


Well let's get after it!

I use RX8, the industry leading editor for all dialogue editing and restoration. With a lighting fast, photoshop style workflow, RX8 allows me to edit your audio in big and small ways that no other audio software can.


Along with lifting your audio into a full bodied, voice forward presentation, I will get rid of those annoying mouth clicks, air conditioner noise, and most other background disturbances that inhibit the quality of your recording. 

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In the first example, which does have generic loudness processing, You can still hear the conversation is dull, the volume fluctuates a good deal, and microphone plosives and other artifacts still remain. When trying to stand out amongst the legions of other podcasts out there, this can give an unprofessional DIY sort of feel to your dialogue.

COCF Example Unmixed (Normalized)

In the second example, we can see how the voices are more forward and clear. The volumes go up, but the noise does not along with it. Plosives and other artifacts are entirely removed unless doing so is too destructive to the audio (nothing worse than overdoing noise reduction!).

COCF Example Mixed
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