Pumpy is an LFO for sidechaining. It works the same as XFER LFOTool. This is because I literally sampled LFOTool 4 times on a high DC signal and cleaned up the waveform in RX after. 

4 intensity levels, 4 samples. You need the samples on a FAT 16 formatted SD drive. So don't forget that. 

You just feed a 1/4 note pulse at your tempo to the gate and it will send perfect sidechaining curves out of both CV ports.


Inside, there are also 4 internal sidechains. Edit the Max file to turn them into a summing mixer. It is insanely light on CPU. I can run mine at 96khz, 2 block size at 28%. Microseconds of latency.

Controls are: the amount of the sidechain applied. A slight slewing called NoClick. Some VCAs are more aggressive than others or you just get clicks on deep sidechains and want them gone. This will do that besides extreme cases.

And the coolest thing, is my workaround to any latency or errant clicks. The offset control. The LFO doesnt run on gate pulses. It actually runs on a tempo counter. As a result, I was able to add a delay to the sidechain. Since it never stops running, you add enough delay and you wrap around to being early! So, you can place the sidechain anywhere from the start of the beat to the next beat (for regular electronic dance tempos). Or just use it as an extra offset for groove or click elimination.